About Ceragol

Our Ceragol ultra Premium Descaler acts up to 10 times quicker than other descalers. In contrast to most other products, Ceragol ultra eliminates the reaction time. Hence you can enjoy your coffee much faster. Tablets and powders can contain auxiliary materials which block the pipes. Ceragol ultra Premium Descaler is already liquid and does not need these auxiliary materials. As little as 100ml of our Ceragol ultra Premium Descaler dissolve more than 10 grams of limescale. Normally this amount is sufficient for a thorough descaling of a household appliance. Our active agents prevent deposits in the water tank of your machine and ensure free pipes and valves. Upon following the operating instructions, our high-quality additives guarantee optimal corrosion protection. Ceragol ultra Premium Descaler uses only the most modern additives which are constantly tested and optimized in a lab. After descaling and thorough rinsing there are no chemical residues left in the machine. Ceragol ultra Premium Descaler is odorless and neutral in taste and therefore does not impair the flavor of your coffee.

Why amidosulfonic acid ?
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Descaling with citric or acetic acids?